Atlantis Tankers specialises in the transportation of chemicals, refined oil products and edible oils around the world. In the Mediterranean and the Continent our commercial managers are among the market leaders in each of the market segments in which we operate. We are convinced that we give our customers real value by having a large, reliable fleet of modern vessels all meeting, or exceeding, current safety standards.

In general, we offer our customers more flexible solutions thanks to our sizeable fleet. We strive to be ’easy to do business with’ in all respects, and our people are empowered with the necessary responsibility and authority to take business decisions. This means the person who answers the phone can effectively satisfy your needs or solve your problems.

Two different chemical/oil tanker brands

The Atlantis Group's fleet of tankers is technically managed in two different categories: 3500 mts and 6000 mts.

The crewing also forms part of the services rendered by Armona. Commercially, these small tankers are chartered and operated by Armona since 2013.



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