Armona Denizcilik A.S. aims to provide a safe and healthy working environment where all operations are executed efficiently.
We are committed to:

  •  Prevent loss of human life, work-related injuries, illnesses and property damage by  proper planning and maintaining healthy, hygienic and safe practices during the execution of operations.
  • Meeting or exceeding all applicable regulatory and industry requirements and regularly assessing our Health and Safety compliance level.
  • Ensuring that Health and Safety, from the base of all Company Instructions.
  • Assessing the risks related to our activities onboard and ashore and establishing appropriate safeguards.
  • Establishing Health & Safety Objectives and Targets in order to monitor and measure effectiveness of Health & Safety performance and minimizing potential risk.
  • Encouraging participation of all personnel, in identifying potentially unsafe situations, intervention and implementation of corrective measures.
  • Being prepared to respond to emergencies effectively by rigorous drill exercises onboard that are monitored by shore personnel.
  • Enhancing competent safe performance of operations by providing employees with sufficient information, equipment and training.
  • Implementing and continuously improving a documented management system, in compliance with the ISM Code, the ISO 45001 standards, all applicable regulatory and industry requirements.


Armona Denizcilik A.S. understands the adverse effect that sea transport may have on the environment and we are in every way committed to preserving the environment and preventing pollution both ashore and at sea.
We actively strive not just to meet but exceed, all applicable regulatory and industry requirements and regularly assessing our compliance level.
It is in the Company’s policy to work towards a cleaner marine
environment through:
Fully embracing the International Convention for Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) and the belief that the primary defence against pollution is to eliminate accidents. Complying with applicable marine environment protection requirements established under ISO14001, National, International, Port State and Mandated Territorial Laws of respected Flags of Administration.
The Company has identified the following environmental risks and developed proactive measures to reduce impact on the marine environment as well as atmosphere. Some source of pollution:

  • Incineration
  • Noise
  • Waste / Garbage
  • Sewage
  • Fouling paints
  • Spills: e.g. Oil or Noxious Liquid Substances
  • Dangerous goods
  • Ballast water (including the transfer of micro-organisms)
  • Refrigerants, halons and chlorofluorocarbons (CFC)
  • Cargo vapor and engine exhaust emissions

The Company has a ZERO SPILL, ZERO POLUTION TOLERANCE POLICY, in actuating this policy we commit to:

  • Setting realistic Environmental targets and objectives to measure and monitor performance of the Environmental Management System, which drives continuous improvement.
  • Identifying and assessing the environmental and energy aspects and risks related to our activities considering the results of life-cycle assessment and implementing the required measures to minimize the environmental impact and enhance the energy efficiency of our operations.
  • Boosting the competence and the environmental awareness of our employees by training and motivating them to perform their duties in an environmentally friendly and compliant manner.
The Company has a zero-tolerance approach to any non-compliance / violation to the above policy, which will lead to violators to being terminated from employment and possibly being held criminally liable.


All vessels are operated in accordance with the requirements set out in ISO 9001:2015, and which includes a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.
We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding all applicable regulatory and industry requirements and regularly assessing our compliance under this policy.
Quantifiable and achievable quality targets are set, measured and monitored in order to sustain development and performance.
To implement this policy, we shall focus on the business demands arising from customer expectations and requirements which we constantly satisfy and surpass by:

  • Maintaining the condition of the fleet vessels to ensure reliable performance, structural integrity, and fitness for their intended service.
  • Adopting procedures and disciplines to ensure that the system is effectively implemented & within our company objectives and targets.
  • Providing relevant skills development and appropriate quality awareness trainings, maintaining a high level of competent employees.
  • Ascertaining responsibilities for quality assurance and communicating these responsibilities to all employees.
  • Examining the effectiveness of the current policies and procedures by conducting regular reviews to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Regularly welcoming feedback to analyse the expectations of our customers, enabling us take direction to meet those expectations.
  • Evaluating our suppliers and contractors for compliance to our Quality Policy, Procedure and Standards.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Armona Denizcilik A.S. recognises that alcohol, drug, or other substance abused may impair the ability to perform properly and could have an adverse effect on the safety and efficiency of operations.
                                                  All Fleet Vessels are
                                                        DRY SHIPS.
Meaning that the possession and use of any kind of Drugs and / or Alcohol is PROHIBITED on company vessels.
Use of prescribed drugs for medical treatment is allowed only under controlled conditions and following specific medical advice.
All crewmembers may be required to undergo a Drug and / or Alcohol Test.
Refusal to comply will result in immediate termination of the contract.
The Drug and Alcohol Policy applies for shore based and shipboard employees.

All Company Policies are signed and dated by Armona’s Chief Technical Officer, demonstrating
the Company’s commitment to its established SQEMS Policies, this being reflected in the highest
levels of Company Management.  Further, the Company’s commitment to its established SMS is
demonstrated through its ongoing ‘Safety Familiarization, Instruction and Comprehensive
Training Programs.’



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