It is the company policy to provide a safe and healthy work environment and all operations are executed to ensure safety and welfare of all employees of the company.


Company Commitment: Prevent fatalities, work- related injuries or illnesses by proper planning and encouraging safe and healthy practices during the execution of operations.
Comply with requirements that relate to Health and Safety.
Establish Health & Safety Objectives and targets in order to minimize risk potentials to protect both shore based staff and onboard crew.

Encourage all personnel to recognise and identify potentially unsafe situations and undertake corrective measures.
Ensure that all drills are conducted onboard and supervised by shore personnel to ensure that all personnel are aware of their duties to handle emergencies.
Provide all employees with sufficient information, equipment and training to make sure all operations are carried out safely.
Ensure that Safety is included in all Company Instructions
Continuous improvement in Health & Safety Management and Performance.


As Armona Denizcilik, we understand the effect that sea transport can have on the environment and we are entirely committed to environmental protection and pollution
prevention both ashore and at sea.

Fully supporting the international Convention for prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) and other environmental requirements and believing that the first line of defence against pollution is to avoid accidents from occurring.

Complying wih applicable marine environment protection requirements established under National, International, Port State and Mandated Territorial Laws of respected Flags of Administration including but not limited to International Convention for prevention of Pollution from Ships (Marpol), concerning the use of Oily Water Separators, Oil Content Meters and other pollution Prevention Equipment.

Thus, the Copmpany has identified the following environmental risks and developed positive responses towards the reduction of environmental impacts on the marine environment as well as atmosphere. Some of our efforts include: 

Air pollution
Noise pollution
Garbage management
Sewage management 
Antifouling paints
Spills: e.g.: il or Noxious Liquid Substances 
Dangerous goods
Ballast water (including the trasnsfer of micro-organisms
Refrigerants, halons and chlorofluoracarbons (CFCs)
Cargo vapor and engine exhaust emissions

The Company is committed to archieve ZERO SPILL with continuous improvements through:

Continuous improvement in environmental performance including the areas in Envronmental Management System.

Pollution Prevention with an emphasis of source reduction, including the funding of human resouces necessary to repair the systems, equipment and components found in machinery spaces of vessels.

Continous reduction of the environmental risks.
Undertake steps in energy conservation to help address the problem of reduction of natural resources and its impact the environment.

Note:  In ports lacking applicable laws and regulations, Armona’s policy is to voluntarily practice the above; for the health and safety of life and the environment. Furthermore, the Company is dedicated to recycling and re-using resources whenever possible. Establish a structure and program to implement our policy and achieve its objectives and targets. Require all Contractors to comply with the requirements set forth by this Policy. Contractors shall also have their own written Environmental Management Policy - its employees and personnel being required to meet such policy - and, at a minimum, shall require compliance with the same requirements, restrictions and conditions contained in this Policy. Maintain dialogue with relevant authorities to enhance awareness of current and future environmental challenges and solutions.

Ensure statutory and regulatory compliance through regular inspections and third party audits. Identify environmental issues, areas of significant impact and relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and ensure compliance of Company Policy through thorough planning, control, monitoring, auditing, review and corrective action; maintaining a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances. Confirm that environmental protection equipment aboard the Company’s Fleet is certified, maintained and utilized and that shipboard operations are, at all times, carried out in accordance with Company policies and procedures, complying with MARPOL, State Regulations and Cleanship Notations. Maintain a zero spill policy, and be wholly committed to the continuous improvement of the Company’s operational procedures, upholding a policy of no pollutants into the sea or on any ship at any time.

Company Objectives:

Armona Denizcilik A.Ş. maintains a commitment to achieve Environmental Excellence through full compliance with and the implementation of the below objectives and processes:

  • Compliance with all mandatory rules, regulations, codes and guidelines including all applicable;
  • National, International and Mandated Territorial Laws of respective Flags of Administration among the Company’s Fleet. All records; i.e.: Oil, garbage, bilge, waste water, SOx/NOx, etc. shall be maintained, fully complete, accurate and signed at all times.  
  • Actively promote environmental awareness through familiarization, instruction and comprehensive training of all Armona Fleet employees. Utilize energy and natural resources efficiently in all Company Fleet operations. All waste, ashore and afloat, shall be disposed of safely and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.


All vessels managed by Armona Denizcilik A.S. are operated in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2015, and includes a framekwork for
establishing and reviewing quality objectives.

To implement this policy as Armona Denizcilik, we shall focus on the needs of our business with reference to constantly meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations and requirements by:

  • Adoping procedures and disciplines to ensure that the system is effectively implemented & within our company’s objectives and targets.
  • Undertake relevant skills and appropriate quality awareness trainings.
  • Establish responsibilities for quality and communicate these responsibilities  to all employees.
  • Check the effectiveness of the current policies and procedures by conducting regular reviews for a continuous improvement.
  • Regularly review the expectations of our customers and initiate activities to meet these expectations.

DPA; (Designated Person Ashore), having access to highest levels of Management, ensures all personnel and all Departments, ashore and afloat, receive ample resources for the continual updating and maintenance of the Company’s SMS.

The Company, by virtue of the Chief Technical Officer, has written, signed, dated and published a Safety, Quality and Environmental Management Policy Statement, demonstrating its commitment to the objectives and targets heretofore established throughout its established SMS.

The Company SQEMS Manual and other related Company Manuals, are reviewed and emendated regularly, to ensure compliance with all; National, International and respective Flag State Administration Laws, IMO Codes and Resolutions, for the necessary adjustment of Company Principles, Objectives and Policies.

The Company is dedicated to the Self Management, Examination, Assessment and Emendation of its established SMS through thorough and open investigation of both internal and external deficiences, non-conformities, accidents, near misses, and incidents.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

It is Company Policy that all Company Vessels are DRY SHIPS. Meaning that possession, use of any kind of Drugs and / or Alcohol is PROHIBITED on company vessels. All crew members may be required to undergo a Drug and / or Alcohol Test. Refusal in this content will result in immediate termination of the contract. The Drug and Alcohol Policy applies for shore based and shipboard employees.

All Company Policies are signed and dated by Armona’s Chief Technical Officer, demonstrating
the Company’s commitment to its established SQEMS Policies, this being reflected in the highest
levels of Company Management.  Further, the Company’s commitment to its established SMS is
demonstrated through its ongoing ‘Safety Familiarization, Instruction and Comprehensive
Training Programs.’



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